Manon Langlais used her therapeutic practice and her innate business acumen to found the company, Maskinon. Although the opportunity presented itself in 2008, it took 4 years of perseverance to bring its project to fruition through its commercial launch. Its main resale partners are alternative medicine clinics, training centers, healthy grocery stores and hair salons in certain regions of Quebec. Faced with the interest that Maskinon arouses among Quebecers, Manon intends to set up in all regions of Quebec in addition to offering online shopping through its partners for the rest of Canada.

Analgesic cream is very popular because of its effectiveness. The ingredients have all been chosen on the basis of their therapeutic virtues to make them a pledge of authenticity in the matter. Approved by Health Canada, Maskinon analgesic cream is manufactured in Quebec in a parapharmaceutical environment that meets the strictest requirements to ensure its quality.


For Maskinon, the priority is to provide a simple but even more effective solution by offering a TRIPLE ACTION analgesic cream that meets people's daily needs by acting quickly and providing long-lasting pain relief. The option of using an analgesic cream helps support our community in its quest for health by providing an alternative to taking tablets to avoid any unwanted side effects.

Maskinon offers alternative health professionals a tool they can rely on during their treatments in addition to being advised by them to their clients as a means of alleviating the pain between follow-ups to improve physical condition and recovery time. recovery aimed at healing.

Maskinon selected a natural pain reliever to meet a need among professional athletes without fear of exclusion for breaking the rules. We want to be not only the witness of their future successes, but a partner in their success!




Founder and CEO

Manon Langlais is a sports Masso-Physiotherapist and an experienced entrepreneur who is driven by a passion for well-being aimed at healing, but also prevention for a healthy and active life. For the past 9 years, she has followed hundreds of clients ranging from high-level athletes, doctors, professionals, entrepreneurs to business executives, aiming to optimize their physical condition in addition to providing them with concrete means for their autonomous care.

Privileged to evolve within an entourage that values her, she considers her network as an inexhaustible source of inspiration, moreover, ideal conditions for optimal development! She believes that it is through the bonds she has forged over the years that she endures over time and continues to grow.

Being well established in her practice, she therefore decided to focus more efforts on marketing her product in all corners of Quebec. Manon wants to help as many people as possible and thus make a difference to people who cannot have direct access to her care as a therapist.

Manon knows that exercise is essential for maintaining good health. Sportswoman since childhood, this passion will have allowed her to rise within the National team in inline speed skating for several consecutive years in addition to having been the first Representative of the Athletes of the Speed Committee of Roller Sport Canada. . She is now playing in the triathlon which she considers to be a sport that sticks to her for the endurance and discipline that it requires.

She describes herself as a woman who projects herself into the future dynamically by continually challenging herself with new and major challenges. Aware of her potential, her achievements give her self-confidence to achieve her current goals. It is with a positive attitude, unfailing motivation and sustained efforts that Manon Langlais pursues her journey to make a difference in her community.

"I would like to deeply thank all those who have contributed to my epic journey so far and who have taken me personally and professionally. " 
- Manon.